Dawning Eternity album cover

Dawning Eternity was the result of a great opportunity my cousin Jim lined up for me. We were hooked up with a student in MIA at Fanshawe College and we had six hours to record. At that time we decided we would try to record as many songs as possible in six hours.

A band was needed so we asked some good friends that we had met at open mics. Vinnie Vincenzo on drums, Tim Dillon on guitar, Tamara Ray on bass and I took care of the piano and vocals. We rehearsed 10 songs just in case we’d have time but we only ended up doing the five you see available.

The other five that would have been on the album if we had more time were Kiss Me Karma, This Bottomless Heart, Reanimation, The Battlefield of Dreams and Wars and Applecores. As far as I remember anyway…

This recording was done thanks to Steve Payne at Fanshawe in London, Ontario. Here it is, our first EP. Back when we were thinking of calling the band Quorum.

  1. Dawning Eternity
  2. Endless Forgettance
  3. She’s Creation
  4. The Benefit of Being Caged
  5. Ugly Luggage

Onset album cover

Onset was our 2004/2005 project. Oh, the early days… When we finished this recording we decided to make a 50 copy limited edition CD which came with these ten songs as well as the entire Dawning Eternity EP.

The cover artwork for the first 25 copies was a copy of one of Adrian’s paintings cut up into 25 pieces with vinyl lettering. The idea was that we would someday have a page on the website where people who have one of the canvas covers could upload their image and re-create the original painting. We may still do this someday …

  1.     In Transit
  2.     Mortal Falls
  3.     Drops of Happiness
  4.     Such A Flower
  5.     More Morse Code
  6.     Loving In Times Of Trouble
  7.     Beware of Man
  8.     Spending Your Life On Sale
  9.     Halo Keepsakes
  10.     Bars Are Made To Break


Three of Clubs album cover

Three Of Clubs was written and demos were recorded in 2004. It was during the same time as Sphinx was done so again, we had very limited tools and our studio was pretty much a cheap laptop and a copy of Audacity.

We had a lot of fun writing these songs back in 2004. I don’t have many demos or clips to show from this time period because at one point we had a hard drive die on us and we did not have a backup of all our material. When I have time I’ll probably re-record some of these songs.


Sphinx album cover

Sphinx was written and demos were recorded in 2004. At that time we had very limited tools and our studio was pretty much a cheap laptop and a copy of Audacity, the open source recording software which is great to get started with.

It seems that we have come a long way from there. Today my home recordings are done with a nice quad-core PC and Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition. I am learning more each week and I look forward to producing the new LP version of the Sphinx album.

Rise of the Starving Artist album cover

Rise of the Starving Artists was created in 2005 as a demo CD to send to a California producer I spoke to over the phone while I worked at a call center. It is a compilation of songs written from 2003 – 2005.

  1. In Transit
  2. Endless Forgettance
  3. Halo Keepsakes
  4. Drops of Happiness
  5. Sphinx
  6. There of Clubs
  7. She Eats Creation
  8. Dawning Eternity
  9. Destiny’s Dotted Line
  10. Mortal Falls
  11. More Morse Code
  12. Minds Connected
  13. Spending Your Life On Sale
  14. Binary Star
  15. Ugly Luggage
  16. Bonfire
  17. This Bottomless Heart
  18. Childhood Halocaust
  19. The Proudest Foot of Them All
  20. Bars Are Made to Break

Destiny EP cover

The Destiny EP was created as a demo and preview for the upcoming album titled The Cosmic Phoenix.

Also on this EP are the original demo of Never Lose Your Stars and a rare recording of Kiss Me Karma.

The Cosmic Phoenix is an album that we have written songs for but have not finished any recordings for. This is a project that is scheduled for a few years from now.

  1. Destiny’s Dotted Line
  2. Eyes On The Horizon
  3. One Hundred Years of Freedom
  4. Never Lose Your Stars
  5. Kiss Me Karma

Cloud of Anvil Chorus album cover

Cloud of Anvil Chorus is set to be our first rock album. There have been a few delays in getting the project recorded, mainly cash flow, but we’ll see how things turn out in 2009. As of right now this project is on the shelf.

  1. Guru Under Your Skin
  2. Prenuptial Purchased
  3. Pop Gossip
  4. New Empire
  5. Cloud of Anvil Chorus
  6. Reanimation
  7. The Unending Detour
  8. Born Stubborn
  9. The Rounds
  10. Bonfire

Never Lose Your Stars album cover

Never Lose Your Stars was planned to be a solo album with just a track of piano and a track of lead vocals. Over time we have decided to add additional instruments such as drums and bass.

Kuhleborn album cover

Kuhleborn did not exist until after a pint at a local pub in London. Adrian was filling me in on the news of the Philip Aziz Foundation’s trip around the Thames river, commemorating the original journey by William Lees Judson & Paul Peel. He also told me about the Story Book Tree that was being carved at Rona which was to show images of memories of the trip and it’s history.

Something clicked with me and I suggested we go and write the song to go along with the whole thing. We finished our pint and went to my piano and got down to business.

Once the first demo was recorded it was played for Barry Callow and Philip Aziz and they loved it. From there we decided to move forward and write an entire album of River Songs for the trip.

Everything that we have available to hear today are demos and they are constantly being updated and worked on in preparation for the recording session with a full band and full backing vocals, choir and string section.

In Transit single cover

In Transit  was released as a single along with Beware of Man as the bonus track.

Get Your Game Together album cover

Get Your Game Together is a collection of songs of remembering, friendship, love, seasons, the good ole days, and more. Touching upon subjects of remembering the good times of open mics in the past, being there for your friends in need, the shocking feeling of love at first sight, and grounding yourself by thinking of your own past through self-remembering and retrospection.

The sounds of the album bring you through the seasons of fall and winter with Jack Frost Cometh. A driving ride along Babylon Line. Ballads such as Sunset In The Mirror and Only Thing I Need To Know. Rockin’ rhythms in We Were Where We Were and No Bitter Smoke. A story-like touch found in Sunlight Off A Sidewalk and the guitar winding rock ballad More Going On Than We Know.

Dawn, Don't Do It single cover

Dawn, Don't Do It was a single release we worked on and put out in 2018.   We went back into the archives and found a 2004 demo recording of this song and thought it would be a great option to put together as a fully produced single.

Mortal Falls single cover

We released Mortal Falls as our 2019 single.  This is another some we pulled out of the archives from around 2003 when we first started writing songs.    This is as freshly recorded fully produced version of the song.

Coming up in 2021

We are working away on our new EP titled
Moving Forward.